Girl!!! Your Mindset Transformation is HOT!!

Well, ok…so maybe that is not what people are thinking when I post a sweaty selfie in my sports bra, but that transformation is what I continue to be the most excited about!! I know I have been harping about this for over a year but its because it is a constant battle! You would think that in this health journey the biggest battle one faces is staying away from Peanut M&Ms or a Five Guy’s burger and an order of fries…but no, we can walk away from those temptations and challenges…you can’t walk away from your mind (granted I lose my mind ever so often but that doesn’t count).

Conquer your mind

Transform your life

That has been the biggest message throughout this latest program. There were moments of defeat [literally breaking down in tears over that evil yet amazing step], moments of reflection [hey girl, you are stronger than you believe], moments of celebration [Hell ya I just crushed my numbers from last week!], but in the end it proved to be a continuing journey of self improvement from the inside-out; creating the best version of me.

As I go through my journey, I want SO much for everyone I know to feel this incredible feeling of self confidence and awareness! But here is the hard reality, I can’t make anyone want this, it has to come from them. I show up every day in the hopes that others will see that I am not superhuman, I don’t have any special powers…I am just a Mom and a wife that works fulltime but wants more for myself and my family. This health journey has created a strong foundation that allows me to continue building upon. It has opened doors I didn’t believe were possible because I didn’t believe in me!! As my mindset has started to transform…


I started writing what you just read before the GIF on February 23, 2019. Pre-pandemic and my body was not injured or recovering from injuries, I was at my best. Today, almost 3 years later, I read those words and I long for that confidence and belief in myself (and let’s keep this real, I miss that body in the pics too). Sure I am still showing up everyday BUT my confidence and comfort in my own skin is no where to be found.  So now what? 

Well, I have decided to start writing again thanks to Glennon Doyle’s podcast “We Can Do Hard Things” which has been my passenger everyday during my drive to work. I have started to see a therapist to help me work through my anxiety, body image issues, and past trauma. The daily workouts/movement is a part of my AM routine, that won’t change. However, I need to work on making that time and space NOT about the scale weight but about how empowered I feel after each workout. 

Curious, how is the version of you pre-COVID different from the version of you today?