Will that be me in the booth?

It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Since my last post, I started working again in June and it’s been NON-STOP ever since. I rise at 4:10AM so that I can get my workout in and we all head out the door to daycare, school or work by 6:45AM (on good days). I usually do not surface from the sea of traffic until about 6PM. Then it’s a tag team, speed race at home. Hubby starts or finishes dinner, we swallow our dinner over a quick chat and up I go to bathe our lil one while hubby tackles the kitchen. Read lil guy a bedtime story and hope for 30 to 60min of adult time before my head hits the pillow. So why do I share this…

In September hubby and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary with a little getaway. The morning we were set to head back home we enjoyed our last breakfast at a quaint little diner in Austin, TX. As we sat waiting for our much anticipated breakfast, I observed others around us…parents playing the beg and plead game with their kids so they could eat, couples in an intimate relationship with their smart phones and employees running around to meet the demands of food deprived bellies…but there was one table that caught my heart, eyes and mind. A couple sat across the table from an elderly woman that I can only assume was the mother of one or both of the individuals before her. She sat quietly, hunched over, slowly cutting into her waffle with her fork. Her cardigan neatly pressed, her gray hair displayed her years of wisdom and her eyes seem to speak a story of loneliness. My heart sank…and she has not left me since.

Why did that image shake my inner core? Because I imagined myself there…sitting across from my kids or one of my kids and their spouse…and I wondered, what story would i have to tell at that point in my life. It scared me because I feel like in the blink of an eye i will be there and I will have more “if only, then” stories than “what I accomplished” or “what I dared to do” stories. We get so caught up in routines and demands that we push aside those “live life” moments…or at least I have. Always playing it safe because “what if I fail?” Staying in the comfort zone because “what will they think?” But when I am sitting in that booth it will be those failures at daring attempts that will make the best stories…none of “those people” that I envisioned criticizing my decisions will be there. So “What the heck am I doing?!?”

Today I signed up for a terrain 5k race that I have been hesitant about because I didn’t want to do it alone, what if I can’t get through the obstacle course, what will people think of me when they are in teams and I am solo…who the heck cares!?! So I registered for the 9:15AM race on March 17, 2018!! And then when I came on my blog site I realized that on March 17, 2017 was the day I wrote my first blog…I broke thru my excuses and I did something new.  

Our world is crazy but there are still so many adventures to be had. Try something new, get to know someone, be the good you want to see in this world, inspire, love, live…create those stories in your life that you will share one day when you are sitting in that booth. 

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